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Securities Received Pursuant to Section 1145(a) of the Bankruptcy Code

When OTC Markets and OTC Bulletin Board public companies file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, shares are often awarded to creditors as part of the company’s reorganization, and in order to facilitate the settlement of claims against the company.

Are the shares received pursuant to Section 1145(a) of the Bankruptcy Code considered the same as Rule 144 restricted stock?

No. Securities received pursuant to a Bankruptcy Code proceeding under Section 1145(a) of the Bankruptcy Code are technically received in a “public offering” under Section 1145(c) of the Code.  For this reason, the shares, which are awarded by Court Order, are considered free trading, as if they were registered.

This is essentially the same rationale which allows shares received in a 3(a)(10) settlement under Court Order to be free trading, and eligible for sale with a securities lawyer’s opinion letter.

Securities Attorney Drafting Legal Opinion Letters for Stock

Shareholders receiving stock under Section 1145(a) of the Bankruptcy Code or creditors settling claims under Section 3(a)(10) can contact securities lawyer Matt Stout for the legal opinion necessary to deposit and sell their shares at (410) 429-7076 or mstout@otclawyers.com.

Securities Law Opinion Letters Under Rule 144 and 4(1)

Legal Opinions for OTC Markets Issuers and Shareholders

A large part of Matheau Stout’s securities law practice includes the research and drafting of legal opinions for the sale of restricted stock of Issuers listed on the OTC Bulletin Board, Pink Sheets and OTCMarkets.

Rule 144 Opinion Letters

The most common type of securities opinion letter is known as the 144 Letter, or Rule 144 Legal Opinion.   144 Letters are used by Transfer Agents when removing restricted legends from OTC stocks. Most brokerages specializing in OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet stocks will not accept deposits of certificates without a Rule 144 legal opinion drafted by an experienced securities attorney like Matt Stout.

Section 4(a)(1) Legal Opinion Letters

When Rule 144 is not available because the OTC Markets company is a current or former shell, experienced securities attorneys like Matheau J. W. Stout, Esq. can review certificates and documentation to see if Section 4(a)(1) can apply.

Section 4(a)(1) is also known commonly as Section 4-1, and is available only if the securities in question are greater than Two (2) Years old, and the Shareholder is not an Issuer, Underwriter or Dealer.

OTC Markets Securities Lawyer Matt Stout

Shareholders and Brokers can request SEC Rule 144 opinions from Matt Stout, Securities Lawyer by calling (410) 429-7076 or via email, at mjwstout@gmail.com or mstout@otclawyers.com.

More information on clearing restricted stock using Rule 144 and Section 4(a)(1) is available at securities law blogs published by Matheau J. W. Stout including 144letters.net144-Opinions.comRestrictedStock.co, andRestrictedStockOpinion.net.