S-1 Registration Statements

Matheau J. W. Stout, securities lawyer, represents microcap companies in the preparation and filing of S-1 Registration Statements with the SEC.

Efficient S-1 Preparation and Filing Process via Flat Fee

We work with companies that want to become OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) and OTC Markets OTCQB throughout the S-1 registration process under an agreed upon flat fee.

We can recommend PCAOB auditors and business plan professionals to help management speed up the process, because the sooner the S-1 is filed with the SEC, the better.

Because the SEC review and comment process takes time, we find that it makes sense to be efficient on the front end by providing detailed disclosures in the S-1.

Go Public via S-1 Registration Statement

We work with entrepreneurs who want to “go public” using an S-1.   We can also recommend market makers who will sponsor the S-1 company in its quest for a trading symbol and DTC eligibility.

Resale S-1 Registration Statements for Private Placements

We also work with  seasoned OTCBB, OTCQB and Pink Sheet Issuers that are already public, but want to register securities for resale that were sold through a private placement.  This is known as a “resale S-1.”

Contact experienced S-1 lawyer Matt Stout to discuss going public via S-1 registration statement under a flat legal fee at (410) 429-7076 or mstout@otclawyers.com


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