Reverse Mergers

We Work as Part of a Team of Professionals

We have represented both private companies and public issuers in reverse mergers and other alternatives to the IPO.  Our firm works closely with PCAOB auditors, public shell buyers, transfer agents, and other attorneys to ensure that the final product is a company which is current in its reporting.

We Handle Due Diligence for Microcap M&A

In many cases, we have counseled entrepreneurs during their search for a suitable public vehicle, and have handled the due diligence process which involves researching not only the share structure of the vehicle, but also the debt and other liabilities, which are often not shown in SEC filings.

We Help Restructure and Repair Microcap Public Vehicles

Sometimes good quality vehicles are behind in their filings due to the administrative burden and cost of audits.  In these cases, we have worked with PCAOB audit firms to either bring the audits of the Pubco current.

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