Current Pink

The Process to Achieve OTCMarkets Current Pink Status

We represent OTCMarkets issuers seeking to become currently reporting on  This process often involves working with the Issuer’s management and accountants in order to review and post past due Quarterly Reports, Annual Reports and Information and Disclosure Statements.  Sometimes our clients are beginning this process after several years of non-filing.

Many of our clients were once current SEC filers and have decided to transition into the Alternative Reporting Standard that allows, due to the fact that audits are not required.   In these cases, we can assist these clients with the filing of their SEC Form 15, which is the first step in making the change.

Once these financial reports and disclosures are reviewed, our firm issues a “current information” legal opinion confirming that adequate information is available to the investing public.  We have handled this task many times for our clients and maintain a close working relationship with all parties involved to help ensure an efficient and seamless process. requires an Attorney Letter Agreement to be submitted along with each opinion.

Whether an issuer is a Caveat Emptor (Skull and Cross Bones), Pink No Information (Stop Sign) or Pink Limited Information (Yield Sign), we can help.

A complete list of the requirements for an Issuer to Upgrade to Pink Current status is available at here.

Disclaimer:  The terms and logos of the OTCQX, OTCQB and OTC Pink marketplaces are owned by OTC Markets Group, Inc.  Although our knowledge of these market tiers is essential in representing Issuers who use the OTC News and Disclosure Service, we are not affiliated with or endorsed by the OTC Markets Group, Inc.,, or the US Securities and Exchange Commission.