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  1. Trevor Tan

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Trevor Tan and I represent clients from Asia and China who are seeking business services from consultants in USA and Europe.

    I currently have a client who is interested to purchase an OTCBB company or any public listed company on any European OTC.

    I would be most grateful if you could kindly assist me regarding this matter.
    Thank you.

    Best regards,

  2. Vladimir

    What is mimimum EBITDA fot OTC Market for russian small company ?
    What kind of capital raising can you advise for small russian company (EBITDA less then 1 mln $ for two years) may be reverse merger with shell company ? They are looking for mezzenine loan for 20% interest rate per year in USD
    What is your price (cost) to make PPM or fill in form S-1 ?

  3. Rolf Goetz

    Could you assist us in SEC filings concerning 14g regulations for 1%, 5% ownership.
    How will be the procedure. Thank you!
    Best regards
    Rolf Goetz
    Uhlandstrasse 26
    72160 Horb

  4. Securities Lawyer Matheau J. W. Stout, Esq. Post author

    I would be glad to discuss SEC filings for OTC Markets public companies with you. You may email me at or call (410) 429-7076. Thank you. Matt

  5. Securities Lawyer Matheau J. W. Stout, Esq. Post author

    Thank you for your question. There is no minimum EBITDA to be quoted on the Pink Sheet market tier. OTCQX has minimum standards for quotation and OTCQB has minimum share price requirements. I would be glad to discuss your options for reverse merger into a Pink Sheet or filing an S-1 or F-1 as a way to go pubic.

  6. Securities Lawyer Matheau J. W. Stout, Esq. Post author

    Thank you. I would be glad to discuss options for purchasing a controlling interest in an OTCBB or OTC Markets public company. Many of my clients are in Asia, as well. Please call me at (410) 429-7076.

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