About Us

We Practice M&A Securities Law and Corporate Debt Restructuring

OTClawyers.com is published by experienced securities attorneys with expertise representing public companies, shareholders and debt holders in a wide variety of corporate and securities legal matters, including debt restructuring and , mergers and acquisitions.

We Represent Publicly Traded Companies and Entrepreneurs Going Public

In this capacity, we often serve as corporate counsel, advise on debt and share restructuring during mergers and acquisitions, and resolve disputes between publicly traded companies and their debt holders through federal litigation under Section 3(a)(10) of the Securities Act at the United States District Court level.

Experienced Securities Lawyers With Debt Restructuring and M&A  Expertise

The experienced securities attorneys contributing to OTCLawyers.com are licensed to practice law in their respective State and Federal Courts, including the United States District Courts.

These experienced securities lawyers currently serve as corporate legal counsel to several publicly traded companies and also represent private companies going public.

OTC securities lawyers also answer securities law questions associated with clearing restricted stock of public companies on other blogs such as 144letters.net, 144-Opinions.com,  RestrictedStock.co. and RestrictedStockOpinion.net.